If we start accounting seriously, do we notice that after paying for the services, the receipts will always be returned, and each provider will hand over the receipt to the customer to help confirm the service, but for those who have already received the receipts that have not been used in other transactions, it will be useless, but for companies or stores that need proof to verify the tax transactions? The receipts received are therefore very valuable, once they are received and must be kept very well, but the receipts that are available will come in the form of “receipts and cash bills”. And today we’re going to expand on what the two bills are, what are the indications that should be known?

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Functions of receipts and cash bills

Before finding out what the difference is between a receipt and a cash bill, it is important to understand what these two receipts are. In the field of trading goods and services, both receipts and cash bills. It serves the same purpose. It is intended to be proof of the purchase of goods or services that both the buyer has paid along with the seller have delivered the goods or services. These receipts must be issued to the buyer after receiving the payment.

What does a receipt look like?

A receipt is a receipt document that must be issued by the supplier of goods or services to the person who purchases the goods, confirming that the purchase of the goods has been paid and delivered. Receipts can be printed on paper or electronically. On the receipt it is necessary to clearly indicate the list of goods. Specify the unit price, and on the receipt form must provide information related to the service provider. We must provide complete tax information of the service provider. Receipts are both in the VAT system and not in VAT.

Receipts contained in the VAT system can be divided into 2 types:

1. Receipts that are brief tax invoices

It will be a small receipt indicating the actual item and price of the item. Provide the provider’s tax information, but it doesn’t include the customer’s address, such as receipts received from convenience stores.

2. Receipts that are full tax invoices

It is a set of documents that indicate the actual item and price of the product. The amount of VAT is displayed. Provide the service provider’s tax information and clearly state the customer’s tax information and address here

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What does a cash bill look like

A cash bill is a document to confirm the purchase of goods and services, just like a receipt, but it is a document that the service provider must fill out entirely by himself. The information recorded in the cash bill must also indicate the list of goods. Clearly state the unit price along with both buyer and seller’s tax information as if issuing a receipt. If the information required by the IRS is not fully specified, the cash bill cannot be used for tax reference.

Receipts and cash bills differ

When the characteristics of receipts and cash bills are sorted, so the difference between the two types of receipts is that the receipts are more formal than cash bills because they are the forms that have already been laid out, which is the nature of the documents that need to be printed out of the system, whereas cash bills are documents that have a form to fill out all by themselves. In that it is a handwritten document, it is less reliable than a document printed from the system. Because it can be easily used to pretend to seek unjustified interests and prove its credibility, it’s not that the cash bill is a taxable document at all. If the information is fully identified in accordance with the requirements of the IRS, the cash bill can be used for tax reference as usual. The information that the cash bill must provide is as follows:

  • Display the name-address with the tax ID of the service provider.
  • Display the name-address with the tax PAYER’s identification number
  • A complete list of goods or services, incomplete can’t acceptable
  • Showing the value of the goods or services in the most complete manner
  • The goods or services specified in the cash bill must prove to be expenses related to doing business only
Details are absolutely necessary. Complete this will be considered perfect and reliable financial evidence.

Did you know? Failure to issue a receipt is considered illegal

In the system of trading goods or services if the provider does not issue it. Receipts and cash bills to the service provider are deemed to have committed an illegal act, which is based on Section 127 of the Revenue Code, which states that any person by himself or by conspiring with others causes no receipt or receipt to be issued immediately upon receipt of the money or payment of the price under Section 127. 105 or issued receipts for less than the actual amount received or paid. Shall be punished with a fine not exceeding five hundred baht, or imprisonment not exceeding one month, or both. When this happens, operators should always be careful about issuing receipts.

Can the amended receipt be used as an accounting reference?

In accounting, receipts and cash bills, which are incompletely detailed, will affect the reliability of accounting references, and faulty receipts in many cases also affect the use of references. Whether it’s issuing the wrong document. There is a misinformation in some parts of that bill, which is in fact whether the amended receipt can be accounted for. Make sure that the edits don’t misrepresent the subject matter, and that they must be signed every time, but to be sure, it’s better to consult the accounting officer about where they need to be addressed first. But receipts with no amendments or no negative marks at all are best in the case of receipts and cash bills. Print out of the computer and then crash. Upon examination, it was found that the receipt had crashed at one point or another, it should not have been let through. The return should be made so that the service provider can correct the receipt in a timely manner. If one mistake goes wrong, it can affect many parts, especially reliability. Therefore, in order to obtain a complete receipt and use it for accounting reference without further problems and without causing you, the person who uses the receipt and the cash bill as evidence of receipt or payment should be made complete only by the information above, so that the answer to the differences between receipts and cash bills can be summarized, and the two receipts are of unequal formality. The formality of the bill will greatly affect the credibility with which it will be used for accounting reference. Receipts are more reliable documents than easier proofs to come by. But while the cash bill will have proving issues that go to the source of the bill. If the material details are not fully recorded, the cash bill cannot be used for accounting reference, but if the details are fully recorded in accordance with the requirements, the cash bill can be used as a reference as usual when considering the other items about receipts that are often problematic and cannot be used for accounting reference. The problem is that the identification of material information is incorrect or incomplete in accordance with the requirements, which, regardless of the form of receipt, can also be an error. In order not to make frequent unwanted mistakes, both the issuer and the recipient of the receipt themselves should check the authenticity of the document. Because if something goes wrong, it will be corrected immediately. If you have any questions and would like to consult with the accounting firm staff, please contact us at: Line ID : plusitiveaccounting

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